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After having learned, at barely 18 years old, in the famous club "Le Fuse", to channel his passion, Motionwild has created a musical universe that resembles him: bitter and sweet, violent and sensitive. He tries to stay at a safe distance from quickly affixed clichés, taking unexpected sonic turns with his mixes. On his record, early 2000s, PACROCK festival and DJ Resident at Club Baccara (Bxl). FESTIVAL 2023: GROOVY DAY FESTIVAL AND DIPASTRO FESTIVAL.

Resident DJ on Warm FM (Liège radio - 100% electronic music - 104.2FM - and also Resident Dj on O.N.I.B radio(

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MotionWild Live @ DJ Studio Belgium 26/06/2021

MotionWild Live @ DJ Studio Belgium 26/06/2021

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